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Recycling and Textiles

As little as possible is ever wasted in the studio. There are some items that do get wasted (screen tape is one of them) but everything else is re-used. This includes rags for test print and also paper. Paper making is easy, the studio is equipped with paper making equipment so that you can make new paper out of scrap - and this equipment is available for use if you choose to rent some open access studio time.

If you came down to meet me at Parkside this summer then you would have seen me printing up a few tote bags. My aim at the time was to get Atelier Ventnor on your radar, so I bought some brand new blank tote bags.

There was something that irked me about buying them new, it went against the grain quite a bit and it didn't feel good for me, so I started thinking about alternatives.

There was an article in The Guardian featuring Dame Ellen MacArthur about her thinkings when she sailed around the world in 2005. In the article she says;

“I remember quite poignantly writing in the log on the boat; ‘What I have got on the boat is everything.’ It really struck me that you save everything, everything you have, because you know it’s finite, you know there isn’t any more. What you have on that boat is it, your entire world.”

This is as much the ethos that I try to run the studio by.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation focuses on the Circular Economy. Running alongside is an initiative called ThinkDif which is a pooling of ideas amongst everyone to make eco changes for the better.

I've started to think about where we can source textiles that are already out there but are suitable for printing on. I've started to use old hotel bedding (pre-boil washed) to make tote bags so that we are re-using sources that are already available - and being on a tourist Island, sheets can be found. Worn out cotton can also be used for making paper, even denim can be made into paper.

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